Historical Background


New Life Mwangaza Rehabilitation Center was established out of the felt need to address the problem of many street children that were affected by the problem of drug and substance abuse. Back in 2003 there were a number of organisations, and development workers, active in Mukuru slum in South B, were working with children; particulary children from the streets of Nairobi. These organizations were focussed on helping street families and rescuing vulnerable children from the streets. The aim was to get children off the streets and transform them so that they can live to be normal and resourceful adults.

For this reason and with the aim of helping the vulnerable children from the street who have abused drugs,New life mwangaza rehabilitation centre was started under the management of ESVAK (Ex-Spring Valley Kayole) Community Development Organisation through a Memorandum of Understanding with DKA Support Office.

The centre accomodates 64 clients annually but a maximum of 32 clients per intake.

Vision Statement

A model self-sustaining institution for rehabilitation and empowerment of young people affected by drug and substance abuse.

Mission Statement

To sustainably run programs aimed at rehabilitating and empowering young people affected by drugs and substance abuse.

Core Values

1 Drug free - D

2 Integrity - I

3 Stewardship - S

4 Compassion - C


Service with dignity.