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Rescue involves; client identification, preparation and assessment interviews during street work sessions. This is done in collaboration with like-minded agencies that conduct street work activities. After identification and preparation of 32 successful clients, they are admitted to the transition center in readiness of the 6 months residential rehabilitation program. With 2 intakes of 6 months each, 64 boys gain admission to the transition center every year.


The program offers residential drug rehabilitation to 32 clients, integrating counseling, psychoeducation, and occupational therapy such as farming. Psychiatric needs are addressed with medication and review sessions. Counselors conduct home visits and family therapies to tackle socio-environmental challenges. Clients receive tailored non-formal education to improve literacy and numeracy, preparing them for vocational training or formal schooling upon reintegration. This holistic approach enhances the prospects of successful recovery and reintegration into society.


After completing the 6-month residential rehabilitation, all clients reunite with their families, prioritizing family environments for optimal development. They then choose vocational training, apprenticeships, or formal education, with ongoing psycho-social support from counselors. Following a year of vocational training, they undergo National Trade Tests for certification. The program facilitates job placements and offers ongoing support through an alumni forum, focusing on entrepreneurship, sobriety, and life skills. Graduates receive trade tools and employment assistance for dignified livelihoods.


An elaborate community engagement program is in place to empower care givers to take good care of children and for those economically vulnerable, to help them establish/ improve an income-generating activity thus improve their livelihoods. Community based capacity building on Child protection and safeguarding targeting caregivers in select slum settlements is facilitated with an aim of promoting positive parenting and therefore increasing retention of children within families and eventually prevent more children and youth from households ending up in the street situations.

Aftercare And Vocational Training

After the 6-month residential programme clients are placed to vocational training or schools. Mwangaza supports the clients by paying fees and providing for basic living expenses (rent and daily living costs) for at least one year alongside ongoing aftercare from social worker and counsellors.

Allumni Association

To achieve mission all clients who graduate from different vocational centers as well as schools are brought together to a common forum which becomes now the alumni of Mwangaza.

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